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California's  Best Source for
Field Grown Olive Trees
Pioneering the Olive Tree sales and treemoving industry, we are a Northern Calafornia based tree moving company.
Starting in 1963, the Davis Family has 102 years of combined experience in,
the relocation of Californias Heritage Olive Trees to Wineries, Estates and Resturaunts, 
and the sales and transplanting of specialty field grown olive trees such as the Greek variety of Kalamata
for those that are home curing or pressing olives .

Specialty Olive Curing
We offer olive tree varieties that are
excellent for the olive enthusiast that wants to pick and cure their own olives for the table or for pressing....
Consultation and recipes are always free
as you explore the world of olive curing!

Field grown olive trees are evergreen and are a wonderful addition to the landscape, adding a mediterranean atmosphere.

They are carefully prepared for transport.

Young or Mature Trees

There are many choices.....
fruiting, fruitless,
young green bark 10'-15', 
older rough bark,  16'-25'+

Kalamata Olive Oil
For a limited time, we have fresh pressed,
 extra virgin,  Kalamata Olive OIl
in 1 gallon containers.
We will be in the Sonoma Ca. area
the weekend of FEB 10th,11th and 12th.
At the Jacuzzi Winery Event 2017
1 gallon is $45 and we have about 10 gallons remaining....
Please call the office to inquire.
We will also have marinated olives...
office  530 533-8811 Jen

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